This is a story that wanted to be told, and searching for its own audience, editor, agent, or even the one to push it out to the world.

This was an experience that had been tormenting me for years until I finally put them in words.  I once thought I should have power over it, but it continuously prove me wrong and showed me otherwise.   There were lots of amazing things happened during the journey, and it’s about time for me to share with you all.

The whole sage was completed in my broken English in very short period of time.  If you are interested in reading this whole saga, you may just be the audience it’s searching for.   I do not believe I am the creator of the story, since the content is way beyond my brain could possibly comprehend.  But it is a great story to tell, which I believe will blow your mind, too.

I am now looking for anyone to published them in any form!  If you are the one, you are more than welcome to contact me for further information.  Any news regarding to the saga would be updated on this website!  Thanks for reading.