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Lam asked 3 months ago

Dear  Rouwen  (if I may),
Thank you for your videos!!
I am watching the third episode of yours–“Do psychics have ‘third eye’?” I do not have a question so far, but I would like to share a short clip of my memories with you. I hope this is fine.
You mention that all kids have psychic abilities but most kids tend to lose them at about the age of five.
I remember that I could recite an English essay full of words that I didn’t even understand when I was 5 or 6. I didn’t learn much grammar at that time too. English is my second language. The teacher read to me and I followed the prononciation. It was easy for me. My teachers were shocked by my memorizing skills. But I didn’t really have a skill. This thing has been a mystery to me. I had never thought much about it, cause I didn’t know how to explain it. I am now thinking whether this is a form of the psychic abilities of kids you mentioned.
When I went to elementary school, I had no interests in the “standard” studying methods–taking notes and exams, so my grades were terrible haha. In third grade, I had a very strict Math teacher (Math was my least favorite subject) and I was scared of her. That’s when I talked to myself–“okay, I am going to study math and learn how things should be learnt”. I might be closing the “psychic door” without realizing it. I was told by teachers that the best way to recite an essay is to understand the meanings. Since then, I haven’t tried my own way ever again. 
I always felt something’s missing as I grew older. I became bored at school easily and often felt unhappy or meaningless. I imagine the state of happiness should be “pure”–I am relaxed and simply content with my existence at this moment, I want no more and I am nothing less. I seldom felt it at school and for a very long time. Luckily, I finally realize the thing that I missed is my soul. I have been a machine outputting a role of me. I say words from my brain instead of my heart!! When I see you feeling nervous but determined in front of the camera, I see how genuine you are and you remind me of the real me.
I feel so lucky to know you and be able to leave you a message! I am truly happy at this moment!
You also say that success is behind the biggest fear we have. This gives me so much encouragement! Maybe fear shouldn’t be something I fear. It is a guidance too. Since I was a kid, darkness has been my biggest fear. I couldn’t help imagining there’s someone (or to be more specific, evil) beside me. When I slept alone as a child, I had to shape my quilt to make it look like a castle to feel safe. I don’t know why I naturally associate darkness with danger, or evil. Following your kind words, I am now wondering what darkness will teach me, or show me. I am still scared, but not 100% scared. I am also curious. I hope that one day I won’t be scared and can open my heart to the dark.
Many thanks again for sharing. I am incredibly grateful to have you in the journey! Sorry for a lengthy email like this. I wish you and yours all the very best!