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fairgomac asked 7 months ago

Hi Ruowen,
I have been listening to your talks. They are music to my ears. I have got some personal questions to ask. However, I live in Brisbane, Australia. The time difference is 17 hours (Brisbane is ahead according to http://www.timebie.com/timezone/brisbanevancouver.php ) . Not sure if you would accommodate for once, for example, a start time  between 4:00pm to 9:00pm Vancouver time, I understand what you are saying about why between 10am to 12pm is the best. It is completely fine that if you couldn’t make it. I guess the next option would be using the email. I thought I ask first anyway. Have a great day.

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ruowenhuang Staff answered 7 months ago

I do accommodate Australian clients sometimes on Monday afternoon.  Please specify when you make the payment, and I will see what I can do for you.  Please note that I won’t be available throughout August 2018.