Although Book 1, 2, 3 and 5 are already complete, it took me nearly 6 months to finally decide to write book 4 – Tutankhamun.

Many of you may not understand where I came from, but writing this series of books was definitely not a fun journey for me, considering I would physically have to go through whatever in the book all over again while I was writing it.  So, even though I had access to continue the story about this famous pharaoh, (in the matter of fact, he is probably the only one I actually knew a little about.) I was definitely not interested in writing it.

so for the longest time, I had been trying to convince ‘the host’ to write the book, rather than myself.  I even coached her through her most difficult time while somehow, Ankhesenpaaten decided to come up and talk to me.   It was then, I saw what really happened to the whole book 4.   I once thought the book I wrote was dark enough, and would never expect it to go any darker.  But it did… and it shocked me by surprise… again!

Although I agree to assist ‘the host’ to write this book, I later found out that she had completely no recollection of what happened that night at all!  There were nearly 3 days of her life seemed to be totally blur to her, even till this very day.  That’s when I started to struggle; what should I do now?

If she couldn’t remember anything at all, I guess it would leave me the only one who saw what happen that night!  Do I want to write it?  Hell no!  I was certain that I don’t want to go through whatever I’ve gone through all over again.

But as we started to see how our life unfold by writing the story down and use it as our reference book for life, I started to believe that maybe I should do this for her, or for whoever would be involve in the book.  This was when I decided to start writing again…

But this time, I warned my spirit guide up there; I want to write it in my own pace!!! no more vision in 2 AM and unconsciously writing till 6AM, no more feeling whatever the character is feeling, no more disgusting taste in my tongue, no more reading as I write… anyway, I had set million ground rules to my spirit guide before I even started writing this book.

I already knew what happened to the whole book 4, and definitely don’t like to be surprise again!  I am commit to write this book, and will try to keep it as accurate as what I saw, but this time, I want to write it in my pace.   Hopely, by the time I am able to make my first book – Nefayiati published, I can be finish writing book 4, too.

Then, I will finally have enough courage to go back to my second book and edit it. (It hasn’t been touched ever since it was written! :p  I am too afraid to get into it.)

Oh, mine!  how come this seems like an endless job for me?  I really don’t believe I was born to be a writer at all!  I can tell good story, but definitely not writing it!