Here is a little bit of myself

I am a scientist.

At least, that’s what I’d liked to make myself believe.  I was one of those kids that never stop asking why.  It got to my mother so much that she had to buy all the answering questions books just to satisfy my curiosity. (Even though it only gave me more questions after reading it :p)  She eventually ran out of books to buy for me and considered encyclopidia was the only solution for my curiosity. (Well, I did have a lot of time to read consider I spent majority of my childhood in the hospital.)

The truth is, I like that part of me that never stop asking why.  It often pushed me to go a bit further to seek out for the truth or other possibilities.  Though being a psychic is hard to be considered a scientist, I’d like to be a scientist in my own way.  That is, I’d liked to use my skills and sensation to validate/test out the world that most of people do not see (or have no way of seeing), and tried to figure out a way or solution by putting myself in a position pretending that I am one of those who do not have a psychic power.  That, also bring me to a deeper understanding of soul through years, and make me want to share with you all today.

All the information I shared in this website is my understanding or conclusion through years of learning (and still learning) of spiritual or non-spiritual worlds.  I do not speak for all psychics, nor do I define the universal truth.  I share with intention to help, not to judge or convince anyone to believe what I believe.  So please take whatever information you think will help you, and leave me with the rest that don’t.  Seriously, I won’t get offended just because you don’t believe what I believe.  I’d rather lived in the world of difference instead of the one of same.  🙂

Who Am I?

Ever since I become a mom, it has been my full-time job at all time.  This is to say, when it come to my kids and my works, my kids will always take the priority.  The reason is, I don’t believe that I am simply ‘raising kids’.  I believe how they turn out as a human being is solely  my responsibility.  Whether to contribute something into this world or simply the one taking resource from this world… I’d liked to believe that if I’d done my job right, they would be a part of the force to bring this world to a better place.

I am a Taiwanese published Author for 20+ books.  I have also published several English novels in the recent years.  If you are interested in my publications, check out my publication page or google ‘ruowen huang’ for more details.

Though I fought my life being a psychic, I started my psychic reading 10+ years ago due to circumstance.  Through reading, I discovered that I am not interested in reading people’s life, but to help them explore their options in life and how to make it happens.  So I slowly changed my direction into life coaching.  But I am not about life coaching either.  With the understanding that everyone is different, my coaching style is all about who you are, what options do you have and how you can make it happens.

So I come up with the term – Spirit Coach.  It’s when I coach you to understand spiritual world more and how it associate with your reality, so you can apply it into your life and make the life you’d always wanted happens.

Yes, I am a psychic. (It took me majority of my life to come to accept this is who I am)


[sahy-kik]  .  noun

a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces;medium.

I am an impulsive artist who only do the art I like and when I like it, and that’s the reason I’d called myself a part-time artist.  I don’t seem to stick with one kind of art all the time.  Some of them, when I am done with it, I am done with it.  This is due to I love exploring; new ideas, concept, technique, skill or you name it…  I love to work with different material, understanding its nature and how to work around or combine it together.  Very much like how I explore life and spirituality.

As an artist who love Technology, Graphic Design has always been my side job.

  • Property Investor

Past Experiences:

  • Manager of Business Center
  • Bar owner
  • Business owner
  • Associate Producer in film production
  • Worked in post production
  • Account Manager in IT Company
  • Novelist
  • Web Designer

My Skills

  • Taiwanese
  • Mandarin
  • English

Though I always call myself ‘ESL (English as my second language), it’s actually my third. XD

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Carving
  • Carpentry
  • Sewing
  • Office (Word, Power Point & Excel)
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator, CorelDraw and AutoCAD
  • Web Designs
  • Communicate with the dead/ spirit guide / higher spirit / outer space existence / energy existence / inner child / fairies / tree / plant….
  • Seeing blue prints / past life /  future options / purpose of life / tasks of life/  energy flow…
  • Able to check health / energy  and all of above…
  • Cleaning space & human energy / ghost or anything that could be clean…

My curiosity continuously push me to explore more area in life and acquire new understanding.  I often joke to friends that check in with me in 6 months, the answer may be different.  XD