Before your consultation

  • Have you search your question within the site yet?
  • Have you read a little of me?
  • Do you know my fee?
  • Do you know where I locate?
  • Do you really know what your questions are?
  • Can your question wait?  Or do you have to know right at this moment?

Before you decide to throw me a “quick question”, whether it’s through website, youtube or my facebook page, ask those questions before you begin to avoid negative feeling that you may ‘think’ that I am ignoring you (you know… the situation that you can tell I read your message, but I simply do not reply at all or even possibly delete your message ^^|||)

I am more than happy to answer all general questions, the cache is that you will have to wait till whenever I have time (or remember) to do the broadcast or even write a post to answer your questions.  (And I am not kidding, some people waited years to hear the answer. XD)  As hospitable as I may seems on all the topics that I share, I DO NOT ANSWER PERSONAL QUESTIONS!  As clear as I thought this statement look, it’s funny how I continuously spending time explaining what is ‘personal questions’.

Well, personal questions for me means that your question contain I, he, she, we, they, my, his, her, our, their, dad, mom, brother, sister, in-laws, or someone’s name…  I am sure you must have the idea by now.  So to make it clear, all personal questions require an appointment for consultation if you want to hear the answer from me.  Of course, you can always keep it to yourself as well.  I seriously believe that if you keep asking yourself, the answer may just come to you! (and I am not even joking~)

The quickest way to do this is to write down your question and then remove all the subjects.  While reviewing the question, asking yourself, “can this question wait?”   If so, then you can post that question without subject in the website or facebook, I will answer it whenever I have time or however I can.   If not, it is then you shall consider booking an consultation.

I know, I know… I am such a snob, and there’s a lot of rules around me.  But it’s really for your own benefit.  A psychic can channel the most and best when both parties have the same understandings.  🙂

My Service

Here are some common questions regarding to my consultation: