Limited Edition of Elixir Collection are now for sale!

Click on the photos below to check its price and availability.  Since all item are handcrafted and one and only item, once it’s sold it’s sold.

Why Elixir?

I recently learned this word and found it fits exactly what I want to achieve in resin art.  I want to create an illustration where all things are possible and energy is able to be reserved in it.  I don’t want to paint fishes (since there are already so many amazing fish resin artist out there), I wanted to create a wonderland where people can dream of.  Since the resin does give an illusion of water, what better name than Elixir?

Where it all begins?

Inspired by a gift given by a blog follower, I decided to explore how resin art is made.  After countless youtube video watching and questions asking, I decided to put all theory into work and give it a try.  I’d have to say, things are often easier say than done.  As a traditional artist or computer artist, I realized resin simply is not as cooperative as other painting surfaces.  It feels like painting on the glass, which colors simply wouldn’t stick.

Aside from it, I also realize painting it require pre-calculating.  While most of traditional art paints the main project first and background last, resin art requires you to think what’s going to be the background first and work your way forward.  It also require you to cut the item you want to paint in layer, so you can make it appear 3D.  Besides, each layer require 12 hours for resin to cure before you can paint a new layer on it.  During the process of curing, you have to make sure no lint/cat hair/dirt want to pay your project a visit.  As you can all calculate it, average layered resin art takes approximately one week for me to create one project.   So all I can say is, after trying it for myself, I paid a completely different respect toward all the resin artist out there! Especially when I realize how much patience and details needed to create an artwork.

Though I don’t think I am going to pursuit my career as a resin artist, I did have my fun with it.  It gave me a different perspective to look at art, and also gain me a possibility for future art.  For many of you who like my works, I am truly grateful for your lovely comment and appreciation. I will continuously exploring different type of art along the way, and maybe one day I will find one that just speaks me.  For now, this is it for all the resin artworks from me.  Maybe I will come back to it someday when I feel right again.  :p