7 layers Resin Painting – Dragon and Mermaid

Dimension: 7.5″ Length X 3.75″ Width X 1.75″ Depth

The product contains the artwork itself, a clear plastic easel and a cleaning microfiber clothe

What I can paint other than fishes, jellyfish or mermaid in the water?  Dragon!

I love painting dragon when I was kid, but somehow I stopped or didn’t think I am capable to even draw a dragon any more.  This is typical style of a Chinese Dragon.  While most of Western Dragon always have wings, Chinese Dragon tend to look like a big serpent instead.  Then I realize through this whole Resin Art journey, most of things are easier say than done.  Especially come from an perspective of a traditional artist, I often forget how I should reverse my thinking before I paint.  There are so much to learn in resin art as I progressed.  Not sure how long I will keep doing this, but I sure am pleased with every artwork I created by far.  It felt as if I had found a way to bring things to life, whether it’s tangible or intangible…

I am not a professional artist, but more like an impulsive one. I love to experiment various art depends on where my mood takes me. My artworks is often one time only art, and I do not take request for order. Mostly because I enjoy taking my time trying to make my artwork comes to life, and I believe the artwork can preserve the energy of the artist especially when they are doing something they love. And that’s why I am only painting something I love. And I will stop doing it when that feeling is gone.

If you wonder how resin art is done like I was couple months ago. It’s definitely a complicated process. Let’s just said that it’s way more complicated art then my comfortable 2D or digital art. While 2D art starts with what you want to emphasize first and work your way back, resin art require you to think ahead before you pour your very first layer of resin. You need to reverse your thinking of 2D art and figure out what you want as background instead of foreground. Each layer of resin takes 12 hours to cure, and you have to hope there’s no cat or dog or debris decide to pay it a visit during process of curing. The paint is hard to stick on the surface, just imagining trying to paint on the glass. And different opacity of paint would decide how 3D the object is going to look. Hope this will help you do all the math. Each layer literally takes a day to finish. XD

At the end, not only I hope you will enjoy this artwork, I also wish you can all find a way to make an impossible dream happens just like I did with this piece of art.

To care for resin:

– Cold water rinse if dirty, wipe with smooth clothes or air dry.
– Avoid place it near extreme temperature (This also means no microwave and no dishwasher please)
– Do not scratch it with sharp edges (such as fingernail or toothpick)
– Though many said that resin art could be used for dry food, I personally would not try so. 😉

$300 USD

Shipping: 50USD