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靈媒媽媽的心靈解答書4 – 與自己對齊

靈媒媽媽的心靈解答書4 – 與自己對齊 by Ruowen Huang (Author) 內容簡介 想與內在真實的自己對齊, 需要我們學會相信自己的情緒與體驗   明明難過卻告訴自己沒事、明明覺得很重要卻老是說沒有關係、明明在乎卻故作冷漠、明明不想做卻老是回答「我可以」…… […]


靈媒媽媽的心靈解答書 – 處理自己的否定句

靈媒媽媽的心靈解答書 – 處理自己的否定句 by Ruowen Huang (Author) 內容簡介 話語決定你是誰   「如果想要創造你的實相,就從你說的話開始做起。」──Ruowen Huang   Ruowen Huang第三部靈性之書──重建自我價值   接受深藏在內心最不想被人知道的黑暗面,你就能往光明面慢慢前進,用話語的力量讓改變成真! […]


Since English is my second language, bear with me if I can’t pronounce a word correctly or describe things with proper grammar. That is to say that I do not define words, I simply share my definition of words.

I setup this site simply with the intention to help, not to judge or criticize anything or anyone. All the content I share in this website is purely based on my understanding, knowledge, definition, what I know, test out, experience and conclude. I do not speak for all psychic as they may have different points, perception and explanation than I. Nor am I claiming what I know is a solid truth of the universe.

So please take the information that works for you and leave me the rest that don’t. 🙂

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