Forgotten Egypt IV – Tutankhamun


They were children, placed into leadership, and yet they were also puppets. One is stubborn, demanding, entitled and disconnected. The other is broken, meek, unsure and under pressure. Can they learn to rule together, or will they let their lives be manipulated for a master plan?


Tragedy after tragedy. An entire nation both affected and indifferent. With the royal family weakened and scattered, it us up to a new generation to wade through a sea of sorrow and find light. Only by leaning on each other and learning can they hope to survive.

* * * * *

In the fourth installment of the Forgotten Egypt series, Ankhesenaten, daughter of Akhenaten, is left holding the nation’s reins in her young, unsure hands. As a series of tragedies destroys her family and her heart, she must cope with marriage, pregnancy, and the wrath of Queen Tiye, all while questioning her worth as queen. Her desperate need to bring back what has been lost even leads her to dark magic, as her heart searches for any answer that can help her heal the traumas of her past. And although Tiye continues to shape Egypt, another man emerges as a master manipulator, ready for his turn on the throne.

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Akhenaten is probably the hardest book I’ve ever wrote.  Though I completed this book within 12 days, it did take me years of struggles pushing myself back to edit it.  Feeling every emotions all the characters feel in the book, it seemed hard for me to cope with their death, lost and devastation.