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靈媒媽媽的心靈解答書 – 愛自己,只是一個開始

靈媒媽媽的心靈解答書 – 愛自己,只是一個開始 by Ruowen Huang (Author) 這個世界的愛,永遠大過於恨 而你,本身就是愛。   「當你認為自己格格不入、不被社會所接受,這個認知可能不是真的。這樣的鋪陳可能只是為了讓你學會如何愛自己以及欣賞自己的一個練習平台。」──Ruowen Huang […]


Since English is my second language, bear with me if I can’t pronounce a word correctly or describe things with proper grammar. That is to say that I do not define words, I simply share my definition of words.

I setup this site simply with the intention to help, not to judge or criticize anything or anyone. All the content I share in this website is purely based on my understanding, knowledge, definition, what I know, test out, experience and conclude. I do not speak for all psychic as they may have different points, perception and explanation than I. Nor am I claiming what I know is a solid truth of the universe.

So please take the information that works for you and leave me the rest that don’t. 🙂

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