Any of you are into Minecraft?

Well, my son sure is.  While asking what he wants on the wall in his bedroom, he said without thinking, “Minecraft!!!”  Being a graphic designer, I know this can definitely be done in the computer, but to hand-painted on the wall?  I sure hesitated for a second.  Not that it’s impossible, but my mind could already calculate up how much time it would cost me.

To paint digital painting on the wall?  Well, let’s just say this; I would probably not do this for a client, but for the love of my son and the will to continuously challenging myself?  As you can all see, I did it!  It took me way more than I wished to paint every single square of the image. And yes, I measures it, calculated it and outlined every box so it would look digital!


I will never do it again!  It’s definitely a time-consuming project if not for the love of my son!



PROJECT AREA:               12′ x 8′ (two walls)

DAYS TO COMPLETE:       9 Days

PROJECT YEAR:                2015

PROJECT SURFACE:          Drywall

PAINT USE:                       Acrylic Paint