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Forgotten Egypt I- Nefayiati Paperback – May 1, 2013

Set in the era during the reign of Amenhotep III, this epic journey encapsulates her tumultuous life as she is exposed to the entire spectrum of suffering and hope. Book 1, Nefayiati, explains in detail Queen Nefertiti’s journey of love, life, tragedy and betrayal when she was Nefayiati. Despite her period of exceptional grief, she also experiences unimaginable love. Young Nefayiati held an impatient and fearless spirit. She broke all her familial and societal expectations in her quest for a better life. Her ambition and determination eventually led her to the epitome of what everyone defined as the “great life” in the royal palace. But ironically, the palace is where her nightmares truly began. The discovery of love invariably led her to the tragedy of her loved ones which caused her to fear and loathe who she was…

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Nefayiati is the first book of the Forgotten Egypt Serie that I finished in 2009.   This book took me 10 days to complete, but 4 years to get it edited and published. There were too many unexplainable things happened during the process that it still took me time to process within myself.

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Thank Wilma Lai for creating most of insert artwork for the book.  For many of you who would like to check out her artworks, please visit her website at: