Forgotten Egypt III – Akhenaten

Forgotten Egypt III – Akhenaten is a book about death.  It describes how one survive after loved one is dead and how one struggles between hatred and forgiveness.  How it is like to the one who pass away and how it would be like to the one who remain?  Move on or let it go?  How does one make decision while struggling to live or die?

Akhenaten had never imagined the life without Nefertiti.  Though he knew he should not hold one to his own sorrow, he also realized it’s easier said than done.  It’s never easy to lose someone, especially when that someone is your soulmate.  But what exactly is soulmate?  Do we really understand what it means?  Would Akhenaten ever found out what happened to Nefertiti and move on with his life without her?  How about Tiye?  Have we ever wondered what kind of past made Tiye the way she was?  Let Forgotten Egypt III – Akhenaten brings you to experience the life of Akhenaten and slowly unveil all the secrets that had never been told.

 Kindle  $9.99 USD

Paperback  $15.95 USD


Akhenaten is probably the hardest book I’ve ever wrote.  Though I completed this book within 12 days, it did take me years of struggles pushing myself back to edit it.  Feeling every emotions all the characters feel in the book, it seemed hard for me to cope with their death, lost and devastation.