2006, that was my second time visiting the Louvre in Paris, 

I was then surprised to notice that they had a building delicated to Ancient Egypt, which did make me feeling kind of exicted. 

Although I had no understanding of any Egyptian history, but Ancient Egypt had been one of my interest due to it’s mysterious background and beautiful arts. 


When I was browsing the exibition around the museum, a sense of familiarity started creeping up to my mind. 

Which was odd for me, considering I had never felt anything like that before. 

So I told myself that maybe I was a servant in Ancient Egypt in one of my past life. 

Just then, a sharp pain coming from nowhere penatrated into my heart. 

A low voice broke into my though in this very moment and said “I’ve finally found you.”

I couldn’t find out where this voice was from, but the next thing I know, I was feeling nauseous and weak.  Which made me end up clasping on the bench next to me and weeping for a solid 30 minutes. 

but what seemed more weird was that my husband had been disppeared during this whole time, and not noticing I’ve been gone for 30 minutes?

and what confused me even more was that I had no idea what I was crying for? and why do I keep feeling this sharp pain in my heart like it was going to tear me apart?

Although my sensation had been quite sensitive towards all events in other ‘demension’ at this time, I had completely no clue what had just happened to me?


When I finally felt a bit calm after 30 minutes of crying, I stood up and was ready to search for my husband.  I was then I saw the status in from of the bench.  

I had seen a lots of statues, but never once had a desire to take a picture of them. 

But this broken statues somehow made me have a impulsive desire to take a quick photo of it. 

So I quickly picked up the camera from my bag, snap a shot before leaving to look for my husband. 

I didn’t have time to study who that person was, because my emotion was totally messed up by what just happened.  And of course, a missing husband. 

So I tossed the camera back to my bag, and eventually found my husband in downstair exhibition room. 

And in regards of the photos I just took, I forgot it all till sometimes 2008, when my nightmare started progressing its way into my life…