3 seconds.

Every time when that touches happens, it only lasted 3 seconds.

Though as short as it may sound, it has the power to spark all kinds of feeling and emotions in such a short period of time.

It’s not a sexual touch.

It always started with a hand landed on my upper right shoulder and slowly glide down to the back of my hand.

The sensation usually disappear as soon as the feeling reaches to my hand.

The weirdest thing is: every time when the touch  happens, I knew very clearly that he is pharaoh.

What is even more weird is that I knew just exactly the emotion and feeling behind that touch.

When it happens, I always know that I am loved.


At the beginning, such touches would only happen every two to three days.

But after a month, it happens several times a day.

I seriously thought I had gone crazy after a month feeling someone, or specifically pharaoh, is touching me several times a day.

I even start questioned every ghost that cross path with me and see if they are the one who played prank joke on me.

As they all seemed innocent, I started questioning where those feelings come from.

Otherwise, how could I be so certain that he is a pharaoh whenever the touches happens.

At that time, my life was peaceful enough, it’s definitely not something I would fantasize out of nowhere.

Even as some of the friend claimed that I might have fantasized a relationship with pharaoh, I did not know I would be satisfied with simply 3 seconds non-sexual touches. XD

As the touches continuous, I started to feel that I might have a spiritual affair with someone I did not see.

I didn’t even know why I start looking forward to the touches happening.

While expressing my frustrations, most of friends joked about how I must be fantasizing pharaoh.

Until a friend who know my abilities and also understood the feeling I described suggested, “Do you know his name? or what he looks like?”


AKA surfaced my head as she asked.  In regards of his look…

All I know is that he has a very distinctive look.  I would be able to identify him if I see a picture of him.

So she suggested me to google him, maybe I would be able to know who he is.

We spent the whole afternoon googling the pictures of pharaoh, it took 10+ pages before I saw his picture…


“That’s him”, I said to my friend.

As we could not see his name, my friend asked again, “what’s his name?”

another google later, I found the name ‘Akhenaten”.

Thought the first two letter are the same as what was in my mind, but I justify as maybe they are completely different people.

At least, that’s what I’d told myself.

“So exactly who were you?” friend asked again.


That’s a question that has never crossed my mind.

Remembering the hypnosis experience from a year ago, I laughed without thinking “I must be his slave whore or something.”

We wrapped the story as it is, a pharaoh and his slave whore.

Couple days later, I suddenly remembered once took a picture in the Louvre, so I spent an afternoon trying to dig out those unorganized photo.

As soon as I saw the photo I took, I was more than certain that I felt it was him must because that my subconsciousness still have some impression of him.


That must be the explanation of all.