Summer 2007

After knowing I have special gifts, a friend burned a Dr. Brian Weiss’s hypnosis CD for me, asking me to check out my past lives.

Honestly speaking, I had no interest knowing my past lives at all.

I’ve rejected twice on every offer my higher spirits suggested to view my past life.  As I looked at the CD my friend had offered, I started wondering why people are always curious to know the memories that their soul chose to forget.

I’ve never been curious about my past, mostly because I felt that I must died in some brutal ways, which created fear in me toward knowing anything about it.

I kindly thanked his offer and placed that CD on the side.

I thought he would forget about it soon enough, not knowing that he has been asking me whether I’ve given it a try or not in the following six months.

Eventually, it became some kind of pressure to face him knowing that I have not given that CD a try.

So in one Saturday afternoon, knowing that I will see him again that very evening, I dig out that CD from the buried piles and told my husband that I’d better go to hypnotize myself, otherwise, I would not know what to say again when he asked.

I also reminded my husband that, “just in case that I don’t come down in half an hour, remember to wake me up in the bed room.

Maybe, that’s the main reason why I have not given hypnosis a try.  Other than knowing my past, I am more afraid to lose control of my own body.

Feeling uneasy, I decided to process a hypnosis on myself that I didn’t even know would succeed.

Hypnosis only needs to work on deeper concentration of the soul.

As my higher spirit once mentioned, I don’t really need to be hypnotize to see my past life, I just have to concentrate myself and bring my focus to the past.

When the vision first came to my mind, I saw my self standing on the hill in Morocco bare feet. (In regard of why I know I was in Morocco?  It is one of those feeling that you ‘just know’.)

As I was still trying to figure who I was and why I was there, I saw the scene had a sudden changed and I was no longer in Morocco, but dressing Egyptian dress and facing a half naked Egyptian man come closer to me and pressed me on the rock table behind.

Afraid to continue watching, I abruptly sit up from the bed, feeling blushed and embarrassed as if I was seeing something that I shouldn’t have.

That night, friend was curious what I saw.

Remembering the scene I saw, I said it lightly, “I might have been the slave in the Egyptian Palace.”

As who that man was?  I did not see his face at all.