As 3 seconds touches happens, I also experienced waking up by unknown vibration around 2-3AM every night.

The weird thing is: every time when the vibration happens, I instinctively feared that I would disappear.

The vibration was so real, as if I would seriously disappear next second.

Because of that, I would often wake up and soaked in a sense of unknown fear.

The vibration often lasted for a hour before it went away, and my fear too would drift away after the vibration disappears.

Then it would take awhile before I could fall asleep again.

Because of this cycle, I had had very poor quality sleep for nearly a month.

I often felt like living in twilight zone when I was awake.

It was hard to me to describe such a vibration; as if sonic effect is influencing the water in the cup.

As the cup look perfectly normal and calm, the water inside might have been rippling or shaking.

and that’s exactly what I felt.

As great as the vibration felt to me, I often woke up seeing my husband was still deep asleep without any being influenced by it.

At the beginning , such vibration would only happens once every 2-3 days,

it eventually progressed into 2-3 times a day.

As you can all imagined, I was constantly living in fear of disappearing.

Sometimes, it happens when I was walking my children to school.  And when that happened, I would continuously told myself to stay calm and not disappear, otherwise, I would have left my children startled and panic.

Sometimes, I would even told my husband that, as if I disappear one day when he comes home, please believe that I would try my best to come back again.

Nobody knew where my fear come from, nor could I explain it myself.

One day, such a vibration happens again, as friend saw the paper violently shaking in my hand, she rushed to grabbed my hand but was more surprised to realize that she could not feel the vibration at all.  She looked at me with disbelief, “OMG, what happens?!  I cannot feel the vibration at all, but the paper is shaking like crazy?!”

I did not know, but after being tortured by such a sensation for a month, I seriously believe that it was time for me to disappear.  So I grabbed her hands and begged, ” please don’t make me disappear!”

And that was the first time, friend realized that I was not joking all along.  She hold on to my hand and calmed me, “don’t worry, you won’t.  I will be here.”

I no longer understand why my higher spirit wanted me to experience such unknown fear all over again.